13 years ago The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar began a rivalry that would see these two push each other to the limit every time they met. Their rivalry in 2002 began when The Undertaker defeated Triple H in a No. 1 Contender’s match on Raw. Lesnar, however at the end of the night signed exclusively with SmackDown leaving Raw without a World Champion. (Eric Bischoff would reinstate The World Heavyweight Championship the following week giving it to Triple H)

Believing he was the rightful contender for the Championship The Undertaker switch brands and followed Brock Lesnar to SmackDown.  The two met in a match at Unforgiven 2002 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The match ended though in a double disqualification. Determined to get a winner out of this feud SmackDown General Manager Stephanie McMahon decided that the two would meet at No Mercy inside Hell in a Cell.

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The two begin the match exchanging blows until Lesnar hits a power slam for a two count. Lesanr then brings Undertaker into the corner and body thrust him. Lesnar throws Undertaker into the other corner but Taker burst’s out and knocks down Lesnar with the cast he had on his arm. Brock rolls to the outside to take a breather from The Undertaker.

Brock tires to kick down the door to escape. He can’t though and rolls back into the ring. He kicks Undertaker’s arm in the cast to take advantage of Undertaker. Brock continues to work on the broken arm until out of nowhere Undertaker knocks Brock down twice using his cast. Brock is now bleeding from the forehead he rolls out of the ring but Undertaker follows him. Taker continues to use his cast as a weapon.

Undertaker throws Brock into the ring stairs. He then tosses him into the cell. Undertaker tosses Lesnar into the cell again and then clothelines him.Undertaker drags Lesnar’s face across the steel and then tosses him into the cell again. Undertaker puts Brock in the ring and hits him again with his cast. He then lands his leg drop on the apron on Brock.

Undertaker then climbs to top rope and lands a leg drop on Lesnar,pinning him for the two count. Undertaker tosses Lesnar again into the cell. Paul Heyman begins to shoot his mouth off from outside the cell. Undertaker big boots Heyman busting him open. Undertaker then grabs Heyman by the tie and charges him into the cell. Lesnar tries to tackle Taker from behind but he misses and hits Heyman.

Undertaker tries to go after Lesnar but, Lesnar tosses Taker into the cell. Lesnar picks up Taker and slams him into the ring post then into the cell. Heyman gives Lesnar his belt. They tie Undertaker to the cell using the belt. Lesnar beats down Undertaker. Lesnar grabs a chair from under the ring. Lesnar hits the Undertaker’s broken arm with the chair multiple times.

Brock tries to rip off Undertaker’s cast. Undertaker fights away from Lesnar. Lesnar throws Taker into the Cell and tries to rip the cast off again. Taker kicks Lesnar in the face to break away. Lesnar tosses Taker into the ring and finally rips off the cast.

Brock works on Taker’s broken arm. He then places Undertaker on the top rope. Lesnar hangs on to the roof of the Cell and begins to kick Undertaker. Undertaker low blows Lesnar and tosses him off the top rope. Undertaker then hits a diving elbow. Taker pins Lesnar for a two count.

Undertaker then big boots Lesnar off the apron in the cell. Undertaker then connects with a suicide dive onto Lesnar. Undertaker tries to lift the steel stairs but can’t because of his broken arm. Lesnar then throws Taker into the Cell and clotheslines him. Lesnar then picks up the stairs and hits Taker with them. Taker is now busted open. Lesnar hits Taker with the stairs again.

Back in the ring Undertaker tries to fight back but Lesnar hits a spinebuster for a two count.  Undertaker begins to fight back again hitting a clothesline knocking down Lesnar. Undertaker tries to hit old school but Lesnar tosses him off the top rope.

Lesnar goes for an F-5 but Undertaker fights out and hits a chockeslam. He pins Lesnar for a two count. Brock fights back and tries to hit a Last Ride. Taker reverses it and hits a DDT. He pins Lesnar for a two count. Taker tries to go for the Last Ride but Lesnar thrusts Taker into the corner. Lesnar climbs the second rope and starts punching Undertaker. Taker grabs him though at hits the Last Ride. He covers Lesnar but, Brock grabs the rope at 2. Undertaker then tries to hit a Tombstone, but Lesnar fights out and hits the F-5 for the 3 count.

After the match Lesnar climbs the top of the Cell, raising the WWE Championship over his head.

Jay’s Note: This is by far one of the greatest Hell in a Cell Matches of all time. The match was ranked by WWE Magazine as the best match of 2002. If Taker and Lesnar have a match half this good at Hell in a Cell in three weeks, then we are for a special conclusion to this great feud.

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