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WWE SmackDown Live comes to us from Cleveland, there is going to be a WWE Title defence on today’s show when AJ Styles defends his crown against Dean Ambrose. Also, how will Dolph Ziggler react to repeatedly losing the ‘big one’ in pursuit of the Miz’s Intercontinental Title?

#1 Randy Orton comes out to address Bray Wyatt

He says that Wyatt plays minds games because he himself is afraid. He goes on to contend that he knows it to be true that Bray Wyatt is afraid of Randy Orton, before calling him down to the ring if he is man enough.
Bray responds with a video on the titantron where he cuts another cryptic promo, before singing ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands’ while holding an antiquated looking hourglass. Orton has had enough and makes his way to the back to look for Wyatt.

We cut to a backstage segment, where Dean Ambrose says he’s going to take back his WWE Title from AJ Styles today.

#2 8-man Tag Team match between the team of Rhyno and Heath Slater with American Alpha versus The Usos and The Ascension

The Usos have a new gimmick, new music and a new look to go with their heel personas. Nice.
American Alpha and the Usos kick off the action with all four members of both teams going back and forth, before the fight spills outside where the Usos target the already injured leg of Chad Gable and leave him writhing in pain.

The Usos then bring the Ascension into action, but they continue targetting Gable’s injured leg. Gable manages to fight them off and the crowd is extremely hot for a tag to Heath Slater and explode when it is made.
But Slater doesn’t get the job done as all his team mates are taken out and the Usos take out his leg before making him tap with a arm-wrap single-leg Boston Crab.

Result: The Usos and Ascension beat American Alpha, Heath Slater and Rhyno by Submission

We cut to a backstage segment where John Cena says that he will win the WWE Title for the record-breaking 16th time at No Mercy, before Randy Orton is shown backstage looking for Bray Wyatt. Erick Rowan shows his sheep-mask-laden face.

Bray Wyatt appears with another cryptic promo, warning Randy Orton that he is about to find out something tonight.

#3 Natalya and Carmella vs Naomi and Nikki Bella

#4 Miz’s Homecoming celebration

The Miz is out for his celebration, and the crowd actually pops big. The WWE has undergone quite the trouble for this party as they have even included fireworks in his entrance, as JBL croons about how LeBron James and Steph Curry were waiting for tickets to attend this celebration.

A vignette about the Miz’s journey from his Tough Enough days till today airs and the crowd seems electric for it – until the Miz takes a shot at LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers.

His parents are in the audience, and so are Ziggler’s, to whom Miz talks smack, prompting Dolph Ziggler to come out. Miz tears him apart on the mic, calling him an epic failure. Ziggler replies with a highly charged and emotional promo, asking Miz for one last shot at his Intercontinental Title.

#5 Becky Lynch segment

Becky Lynch is out, but is blindsided by Alexa Bliss as she makes her way out to her entrance music. Bliss repeatedly attacks her before telling her that she doesn’t deserve the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship and walking away.

We cut to a Curt Hawkins vignette, where he says that he will be making a ‘Big Curt Hawkins announcement’.

#6 Bray Wyatt segment

Bray Wyatt is back with one of his cryptic promos, goading Randy Orton by asking him where he is repeatedly. Randy blindsides him and gives him a beating from behind, from which Bray Wyatt runs away.

Orton sits down on Wyatt’s chair, wears the Sheep mask, and starts singing ‘I’ve got the whole world in my hands.’

We cut to another camera, where AJ Styles is being interviewed. He is asked what is going to happen today, for which he replies that he is going to retain his WWE Title against Dean Ambrose.

#7 Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles (c) for the WWE Title

John Cena is ringside for this one, on commentary, as Dean Ambrose wastes little time in going right after AJ Styles from the get-go. Ambrose drags AJ Styles onto the commentary table and pounds on him, as John Cena watches on.

AJ Styles looks to fight back, and they go back and forth for a bit, which ends with Ambrose clasping on a submission attempt on Styles. This match has thus far been about John Cena largely, as his story telling on commentary is pretty much stealing the show here.

Ambrose hits a Toupe Suicida on Styles just as John Cena claims that if he gets the 16th Title reigns, he would be up there in the discussion of greatest of all time.

Meanwhile, AJ Styles reverses the tide of momentum, as he manages to make the contest into a technical battle by keeping Ambrose stuck to the mat with a Calf Crusher. Ambrose fights out and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Styles.

They go back and forth, trading moves and pin attempts, but neither man is able to keep the other on the floor for the count. Ambrose pushes the pace by catching Styles on the ropes with an extremely hard lariat, but he still can’t put the Champ away.

Styles manages to surprise Ambrose with a Pelle kick, before attempting a ridiculous 450 springboard splash but nobody home! The plot thickens as AJ Styles makes his way outside and socks John Cena with a cheap shot.

Cena is incensed and tries to get into the ring, when Ambrose pins Styles with a roll-up. Due to the distraction, the referee is late to count, allowing AJ to kick out. Ambrose is angry and goes after John Cena next.

AJ Styles makes use of the distraction this time, and rolls up Ambrose for the pin, holding on to a fistful of his jeans. 1-2-3! Styles Retains!

John Cena gets into the ring and give both of them an AA to end the show, holding the WWE Championship high in the air!

Result: AJ Styles(c) def. Dean Ambrose


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